Wash Plant Waste Separating

This process is used to separate plastic materials from the output of a wash plant.

The waste separating component ensures efficient removal of impurities, contaminants, or non-plastic elements, resulting in a purified plastic stream ready for recycling or further industrial use.

key benefits
Divert waste from landfill
Reducing energy use
Further recovery
Our Process

The plastic waste is sorted to remove contaminants and non-plastic materials.


After sorting, the plastics undergo washing. This step includes removing contaminants, dirt, and other impurities from the plastics using water and sometimes a cleaning agent. Then the plastics are separated based on their density, using techniques like flotation or sink-float separation.


The separated plastics are then dried to eliminate any remaining moisture. Finally, the dried plastics may undergo further processing steps such as shredding, pelletizing, or melting, preparing them for reuse or recycling into new products.


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