Metal Recovery

Using advanced techniques, we recover metals from various waste streams, including industrial and electronic waste.

Metal recovery is a crucial component of the recycling industry, promoting resource conservation and reducing the need for extracting virgin metals from natural resources.

Materials we recover

key benefits
Divert waste from landfill
Reduce energy use
Endless recycling
Offset your business’s carbon emissions
Our Process

Waste streams are sorted based on type and composition in order to facilitate efficient processing. All material is screened into three group sizes. Then the oversized material will undergo shredding to reduce its size and prepare it for further processing.


Magnetic separation methods are used to separate ferrous metals (iron and steel) from non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, and brass). Non-ferrous metals are further separated from each other using techniques such as eddy-current separation or density-based methods.


The separated metal fractions are then sold on, where they are melted down in furnaces to create molten metal. Molten metal undergoes a purification process to remove any impurities. Purified molten metal is then cast into molds to form new metal products. The recovered metals are then used as raw materials in various industries, contributing to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.


“Green Steel did a great job. Their efficient service and eco-friendly approach make them my top choice for responsible disposal of metal waste.”

Rhys Dyer
Sales Manager at EMR

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Mark Harvey
Director at LMA

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andrew howell
Director of Wye Valley Group
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